Happyland: 2014 full-court press

After a lot of discussion (two or three minutes online) we decided that Happyland hadn't gotten enough exposure. While we'd love to make a book out of this fine project, we also reasoned that photo book publishing companies want an assload of money, an eyeball, or a kidney before they'll even talk about printing anything. So we're going to do things the old fashioned way: a few high-profile exhibitions in key cities in the Americas.

So how does this work? How can you program an exhibition of Happyland? Easy! Write me. Tell me about a gallery, cultural center, university or warehouse in the slums that will let me hang this work up, and it's basically done. It costs nothing, but we often try to program photography workshops at the same time in order to eat and stuff, you know?

We would ideally like to show this work early in 2014 in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, and proposals are in the mail to key players. If you'd like one, write me at jmmsevigny@gmail.com.

September's opening of Happyland at the MPLS Photo Center in Minneapolis was a thing of beauty, drawing 500-600 people in a single night to see this colorful yet gritty group of photographs taken in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

We'll be saturating the internets with this material over the next few weeks. Feel free to get in touch.

Lock and load.