"Cumbiamberos Colombianos" in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 2002

This is going to require some context: In the early 2000s, Columbian-style Cumbia music exploded across Northern Mexico. Outside the context of South America, it became the soundtrack for the lives of the economically oppressed, drug addicts, criminals, thieves, and a good number of kids just having a good time. I took these pictures (for the Houston Chronicle I think) during a Celso Piña concert on the fairgrounds in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas. The girl in the photograph above was dancing while sniffing paint thinner out of a cola can. I wonder where she is now. 

The more things change, however, ... These kids were considered low-class trash because of the clothes they wore and the music they liked. Not much different than kids today who like Reggaeton. I also remember that even then, people warned me that I was going to be killed for taking these kinds of photographs. Note: I wasn't worried in 2002 and I'm not worried now.