Digital Photography is Dead

But seriously, folks ...

It's incredible what you can do with the cheapest film at the drugstore (less than three bucks for a 36-exposure roll of 200 asa film made by a comany in China I've never heard of), a battered Nikon FM and a $400, five-year-old negative scanner.
Of course, I use digital cameras, too. Love 'em, in fact.
But film has two things that digital sensors don't: texture and dynamic range.
Someday, digital dynamic range will improve and my street shots won't all have dead, white skies in the background.
Someday, Nikon will make a digital FM that's fully manual, something like the Nikon M8, but for people who aren't millionaires.
I'd settle for a digital Pentax K-1000. Until those inventions and advances come around, I'm going to be bouncing back and forth between film and digital cameras. See Part II of this experiment in low-tech.

In the meantime, if you already have a digital camera and you're thinking of upgrading, see this post for reasons to spend your money on something else. Or look here to see what kind of camera I think you should buy.